The noisy world

why do the world control our lives? Why it is not soo easy to escape from the noisy world ? No one can escape from the noise of the world , not even a little kid who hardly know the world. Well here’s a short story which revolves around a little girl. It was peace […]

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A lonely Star

A lonely star Sits in the sky It starts to flicker and begins to cry A lonely star looks down on us all It takes a step and starts to fall A lonely star Falling down like an apple from a tree it still wears a frown A lonely star laying on the ground it […]

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A poor but not a thief

This is a story of a poor yet honest man. The story revolves around a homemaker riya and a poor rikhsaw driver. A housewife named riya. riya and her family had gone to Darjelling during the summer holidays and booked a cottage on rent for their stay. Their cook Gopi had gone with them because […]

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Let Go

The wars raging Inside of you Surrender to them It’s the best battle you will ever lose..

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myself or society?

society will always poke their nose.. you need to decide who you want to be.. a slave of the society or a free girl.. “The length of my skirt” To the definition of vulgarity and being immodest, the society defines following. If the edge of my skirt is above the knee, I’m always giving a […]

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book or life??

do not loose never know what page of joy ur life holds for you.. Saying goodbye to someone you love is like reading the final page of an amazing book.. As the last chapter ends you begin to realise just how beautiful and perfect the plot was.. You appreciate the joy you appreciate the […]

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curse that tells u to die is not a curse… the actual curse is having a life.. a life in the form of human..and moreover having a life of a girl  and no spells could break this curse..  she was cursed curse that did not send her to hell, curse that did not took her […]

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look deep into her eyes all you will see is lie lie that hides her grief lie that hides her wound     look deep into her world she lives in the world of pain she lives in the world of sorrow she lives in the world of grief she lives in the world of […]



Life is not less than a thorny plant..thorns that come in the form of problems..thorns that come in the form of people.. thorns everywhere.. The pretty rose was full of thorns, But that knowledge came far too late. Thorns that were not on the plant But the thorns were on her. The thorns of the […]

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we all want to escape from the world of demons.. we all want to escape from our lonliness…if not now then may be later…. where should she go when she is feeling so lost? when she dont want to be found?? where should she go  to find the peace in her heart when she know […]