curse that tells u to die is not a curse… the actual curse is having a life.. a life in the form of human..and moreover having a life of a girl  and no spells could break this curse..  she was cursed curse that did not send her to hell, curse that did not took her […]

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look deep into her eyes all you will see is lie lie that hides her grief lie that hides her wound     look deep into her world she lives in the world of pain she lives in the world of sorrow she lives in the world of grief she lives in the world of […]



Life is not less than a thorny plant..thorns that come in the form of problems..thorns that come in the form of people.. thorns everywhere.. The pretty rose was full of thorns, But that knowledge came far too late. Thorns that were not on the plant But the thorns were on her. The thorns of the […]

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we all want to escape from the world of demons.. we all want to escape from our lonliness…if not now then may be later…. where should she go when she is feeling so lost? when she dont want to be found?? where should she go  to find the peace in her heart when she know […]



there comes a point in our life where we choose to be silent … and thats the hardest point of the life… Theree is violence  In this silence  In the words that you don’t speak… Accusation for being innocent  and for the things you never did you are one and they are many thats what  […]

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we all have mask to hide the real us… some wear to hide thier sorrow.. some wear to hide thier evil side ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️                             THE MASK She smiles, I cry. She is extrovert , I am introvert. She is amazing, I am […]

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WHY ???

have you ever wondered                        what it feels like to be hurt over and over again , to bleed everyday, to bleed from the damage to bleed through the eyes…  why do you think  its so easy to survive with damaged soul with scratches all […]

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​​When I’m gone, Do you promise to remember what the sound of my voice felt like?  How my fingers slipped into your palmHow your wrist felt my pulse.Remember the way you smiledWhen I behaved like a naughty kidWhen every word had something to speak of you.Remember the gleam in my eyesAs they reflected yours, How my […]



its not so easy to deal with loneliness.. its the only thing that not all but only few experience it.. might be they are “attention seeker ” for others.. but you never know the Inside Story..and its the only thing..which is hard to explain…hard to express..and hard to deal with.. lonely are nights lonely are […]

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at some poit of our life.. we all are alone…the bitter truth of life….at some poitn of life..we feel the ship is drowining…and wish if we could escape.. And if she could choose a name,  it would be “escape”. If she could get a wish she would ask for her “escape”. escape from lonliness escape […]

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